The best heating radiators for your home

Monday 24 April 2023

Vertical radiators

The Best Heating Radiators For Your Home

When it comes to making your house a home we are all guilty of getting wrapped up in the furnishings and colour scheme. Then once we’re standing in the room admiring our hard work we notice the unappealing and frankly shabby-looking radiator that all of a sudden seems to be the focal point of the room. 

That’s where we come in, at Lincolnshire Radiators Direct we’re a team of experts in our field. Let us inspire your choice when it comes to the best heating radiators for your home. We know what will look the best in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. 


Vertical radiators

Heated towel rails are a modern commodity in many homes. They’re contemporary and stylish, helping to modernise any bathroom regardless of the suite you’re dealing with. 

Whether you opt for a chrome curved ladder rail, an anthracite column towel rail, or a flat panel towel rail available in anthracite, white, or chrome. We have bathroom radiator styles to suit all interiors no matter your preferences. From traditional towel rails fit for period cottages to something a little more futuristic, we’re here to heat your home in a way that complements your individual style preferences. 

Towel radiators are a great option for the bathroom because, unlike traditional radiators where it’s not recommended to hang wet items on them, towel radiators are designed to dry your damp towels when you get out of the bath or shower. 

Leaving them dry, soft, and warm when it comes around to you using them again. They can also keep your hand towel warm for a little treat every time you wash your hands. Due to the large size of most towel radiators, they’re more efficient at heating your bathroom as they have a larger surface area. 

If you wish for your towel radiator to work during the summer months when it’s likely your central heating will be switched off, opt for a dual fuel towel radiator which allows you to electrically heat your towel radiator whilst isolating it from the central heating system. 


Black vertical radiator

The above vertical black column radiator is designed to suit any interior. A classic radiator with a modern twist, the ideal kitchen focal point. We don’t often hang wall art in our kitchens, meaning if there is wall space not occupied by cabinets or a fridge freezer it can look a little out of place. 

That’s why vertical radiators are a great way to help keep a room warm whilst filling otherwise unused space. Black is a great colour for kitchens as it’s less likely to show up food spills and cooking stains that traditional white radiators seem to collate. 

Whilst it’s recommended not to hang wet clothes on radiators due to it blocking heat from penetrating a room. Most people are guilty of using their radiators to help them get clothes dry during the wet and cold months of the year, which for those of us in the UK is quite a few.

However, many of us won’t use our kitchen radiators for this as we don’t want cooking smells to stick to our freshly washed clothes or accidental spills to create more washing for us. That’s why it’s the ideal room to introduce a vertical column radiator.

Living room: 

living room radiator

The chrome flat panel radiator pictured above pairs impressive modernistic style with exceptionally high performance. 

We always recommend upgrading old radiators to something fresh and new, not only for aesthetic purposes but also due to the fact they’re a lot more energy efficient. Which can help you to save on your heating bills. 


cast iron radiator

Your bedroom should be a space for you to unwind, relax, and forget about any of the stresses of everyday life. This means it should be cosy and warm even during the most bitterly cold months, and you certainly shouldn’t be laid in bed staring at the eyesore that is old and uncared for radiators. 

If your radiator has yellowed or worse is covered in chipped paint and unsightly marks, it’s burning to the touch but doesn’t seem to radiate any heat into the room, it’s time for an upgrade. 

We believe that a traditional cast iron style radiator in anthracite is the perfect addition to any bedroom, especially the master suite. The cast iron style design is traditional, whilst the anthracite finish gives it a contemporary feel. Whether your room sports a neutral aesthetic or you prefer a brighter colour scheme this radiator is sure to fit right in. 

We hope sharing our ideas on the best heating radiators for your home has helped you to decide how you want to style your central heating in every room. Don’t forget to check out our other radiator accessories, such as radiator valves to complement your designer radiator choice.

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