The Best Column Radiators For Your Home

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Column radiators, also known as cast-iron style radiators are a great way to heat your home whilst suiting your home’s own style. These kinds of radiators may look traditional but the innovation and ergonomics that have gone into manufacturing them is extremely modern to ensure long-lasting heat.

Homes that have large rooms with high ceilings will benefit from column radiators due to their vast surface area. This allows the radiators to heat rooms faster than conventionally styled convector radiators.

Our column radiators can be used on all types of heating systems. They are all tested under high pressure to improve performance. You can enjoy the warmth from these aesthetically-pleasing column radiators that can be fitted horizontally or vertically and are available in black, white, or anthracite.

We are huge fans of our entire column radiator range, but here are our favourites to help inspire you:

White Horizontal Column Radiator

This contemporary radiator will suit a wide range of interior designs. The modernly manufactured finishing process makes it elegant looking. This column radiator is built to last, made with 1.5 thick mild steel for quality guarantee. Available with double or triple columns in a vast array of sizes. 

Black Vertical Column Radiator

This beautifully traditional triple panel column radiator is a stunning centrepiece to any room. This radiator can be used on all types of UK central heating systems whether tank-fed or sealed. With a manufacturer-leading 15-year guarantee offering you peace of mind.

Anthracite Horizontal Column Radiator

A radiator that offers you heating that doesn’t ruin your aesthetic. The design of your home is important, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on style for warmth. Our column radiators are a great heating solution at a competitive price. 

Supplied with wall brackets, blanks and bleed plugs, and wall plugs. Valves can be purchased separately, we offer a fantastic selection at great prices.

Traditional Bathroom Radiator

Ever thought about the prospect of a traditional column radiator in your bathroom? This radiator towel rail is perfect for keeping your towels toasty for when you get out of the bath. It’s stylish and classy in design, made of steel so it’s sturdy and durable.

Oozing a sense of lavishness and tying your bathroom interior together perfectly. This radiator helps your bathroom stand out to guests and makes it a place you can relax and enjoy in the warmth. We all need a little retreat on these cold days so why not make it somewhere in your home? 

How to clean your column radiator

It is a common misconception that column radiators are hard to clean, it’s actually a very simple task. All you need is a soft cloth and some effort, avoid using water at all. 

To get behind the radiator use the crevice tool attachment on your hoover to get as far behind as you can.

How to bleed your column radiator

If you’ve invested in a cast iron radiator you want it to be working efficiently. Well-maintained radiators are known to last longer. To ensure a reliable source of heat in your home your radiator should be cleared of air pockets.

Air pockets can prevent radiators from outputting heat to their full capacity. This means your radiator will be operating at a much lower temperature than you’ll want during the cold winter months.

If your radiators feel cold at the top or bottom this is an indicator they need to be bled, to bleed them you’ll need your radiator key and an old towel.

  • Turn off your central heating.
  • Lay an old towel down.
  • Use your radiator key (these can be purchased from a DIY store) to turn the bleed valve.
  • You will hear a hissing sound, once the sound stops or water starts coming out of the valve you can close it, and you’ve successfully bled your radiator.

Energy-efficiency and radiators

Radiators are durable, reliable, and very often low-maintenance, and they don’t have to cost the earth, they’re a great heating option. We’re currently in the midst of a cost of living crisis and it is no wonder people are worried about their energy bills when turning their central heating on.

We don’t want to think about people sitting in their homes freezing because they’re worried about how much turning their radiators up will cost, here are some useful tips to make having your heating on a little more energy efficient.

  • Turn radiators off in rooms that are not used and keep the doors to those rooms closed. If your home is susceptible to dampness we recommend keeping your radiator on low or investing in a dehumidifier that is relatively low-cost to run.
  • Keep your heating ticking over rather than turning it on and off. Set it to around 18 degrees, so if your house falls below this temperature it will click on. You can adjust the temperature depending on how toasty you like your home.
  • Before turning your heating up make sure to put on a jumper, invest in a high-quality pair of slippers and have a hot drink.
  • When your heating is on, keep the doors and curtains shut and use draft excluders to keep the cold out and the heat in.

If you need any more advice on column radiators or to learn more about our range of designer radiators don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, enjoy taking a look at all our products.

Find The Perfect Column Radiator For A Warmer Home

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