The Benefits of Anthracite Radiators

Thursday 18 November 2021

Anthracite Radiators

What are Anthracite Radiators?

Nowadays, the heating systems in our homes are not only there to provide heat, but are also chosen for the design of our rooms. So if you’re looking for a radiator that does both, an Anthracite radiator is a great choice. 

Anthracite radiators are designed to improve the look of your home, as well as offer a trusted heat source. Our high quality Anthracite Radiators are built to last, with a 15 year guarantee. These dark grey radiators are normally made from aluminium or steel, offering a midpoint between black and white radiators. Anthracite is a close alternative to a luxury radiator, but with an affordable price tag. You’ll notice that radiators like these are increasingly being used in show homes, showing off style and elegance in new build homes and adding an extra outstanding feature.

In this blog we have highlighted some of the benefits of Anthracite Radiators, to make your decision easier. 

Stylish & Impressive Design 

Anthracite Radiators offer a stylish and impressive design, and their dark grey finish makes them stand out in the home. Updating little details in your home like your radiators, can actually have a bigger impact on your home décor than you think.

If you want to modernise your home, Anthracite radiators are the perfect way to do so. Often we just choose the generic white radiator because we think they are the most affordable, but now you don’t have to, their contemporary style will fit any style or interior design, for a good price. The modern manufactured finish will give your room a sense of elegance, standing out from the rest.


When buying something new for the home, price is always a stickler, especially when looking to buy big purchases like a radiator. However, Anthracite radiators are often quite affordable. These dark grey radiators add a stylish finish to your home, without paying too much money, giving your home a sense of elegance and sophistication. 

Increases Home Value 

This investment could add significant value to your home if you ever come to sell. If you’re looking for a popular radiator that will add appeal for your next buyers, then anthracite radiators are a great option. Whether you go for a horizontal or vertical shaped radiator, you have so many options. Take a look at our range of radiators here.

Quick to Heat

Anthracite Radiators are highly sought after because of their efficiency, as well as their stylish look. Because of their conductivity and durable sturdiness, Anthracite Radiators are very quick to heat up, giving you great performance and great design. 

An Extensive Range to Choose From

Our radiators are available in all different shapes, sizes, ranges and styles, which allows you to easily pick something that fits with the look of your home. Whether you choose a horizontal or vertical radiator, we have a variety of products for you to choose from. As well as our flat panel radiators, we also have a range of modern anthracite towel radiators that’ll ensure your bathroom towels are kept well heated. 

Whether you’re looking for a radiator for your living room, or for your bathroom, Lincolnshire Radiators have plenty of choice for you. Within our collection of radiators and towel rails we also have radiator valves to suit your home’s needs and requirements. Each of our Anthracite radiator valves are complete with a compact design to match your chosen radiator design.

If you’re looking for a custom quote or order, please contact our experts here. 

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