Sleek & Sophisticated: The Appeal of Heated Towel Rails

Monday 10 June 2024

In interior design, things that work well usually look good too. A great example is the heated towel rail. It not only warms towels but also adds style to bathrooms, making them nicer places to be.

In this blog post, we’re looking at why heated towel rails are so appealing. We’ll talk about how they can be designed in lots of different ways, how well they work and how they can totally change the look of a bathroom.

Design versatility

When you view the range of heated towel rails at Lincolnshire Radiators Direct, you’ll notice they come in lots of different styles. Pick the towel rail that suits your bathroom best, whether you like a modern look or something more traditional.

If you’re into modern, you might like the Flat Panel Towel Rail. It’s got clean lines and a shiny finish that makes the bathroom look really smart. But if you prefer a more classic vibe, you could go for the Traditional Bathroom Radiator which makes your bathroom feel like it’s from a different time.

Efficiency and functionality

Heated towel rails aren’t just good-looking – they’re also really useful in the bathroom. They make towels warm and cosy, so when you step out of the shower, you’re wrapped in warmth. It feels really luxurious and relaxing.

They’re not just for towels though – they also help heat up the bathroom. This is super handy (especially in cold places) because it means you don’t have to rely so much on the main heating system. Plus, it’s more energy efficient because it only warms up the space you’re using, instead of the whole room.

Transformative impact on bathroom decor

Heated towel rails make a big difference to how a bathroom looks, turning it into a luxurious and welcoming space rather than just a functional one. They’re not just there to warm towels – they become the centre of attention, adding something special to the room. Whether they’re on the wall or standing on their own, they bring sophistication and style, making the bathroom feel like a spa.

And they’re really handy for saving space too. If your bathroom is small and you don’t have much room, you can mount the towel rail on the wall. This frees up space for other things, which is great, especially in tiny bathrooms or en-suites where you need to make the most of every inch without compromising on style.

Calculating your heating 

Before setting your heart on a heated towel rail, it’s ideal to know the heat output you need for the room. Use our British Thermal Unit (BTU) Calculator to calculate this.

At Lincolnshire Radiators Direct, we have modern heated towel rails that will give your bathroom a stylish upgrade. Our towel radiators come in curved and flat designs to keep your bathroom warm and your towels cosy. Say goodbye to ordinary bathroom heating and hello to a stunning towel radiator that fits your home perfectly. Here are some of our recommended options.

Designer Curved Ladder Rail

A curved heated towel rail is a stylish, contemporary and efficient way to keep your bathroom heated and your towels warm. This modern design is available in chrome plating or white painted finish.

Designer Curved Sail Rail 

The Designer Curved Sail Rail (pictured below) offers both stylish design and efficient towel warming for your bathroom. This radiator is made out of high grade mild steel, and is available in a chrome plating, anthracite painted or white painted finish.

Designer Square Ladder Towel Rail

The Designer Square Ladder Towel Rail combines sleek, modern aesthetics with practical functionality, providing an elegant solution for warming towels in your bathroom, while adding a touch of contemporary style to your space. 

Flat Panel Towel Rail 

The Flat Panel Towel Rail (pictured below in anthracite) offers minimalist design and efficient towel heating, perfect for contemporary bathrooms seeking both style and functionality.

Compared with normal heated towel rails, Flat Panels have a larger surface area to provide a higher heat output. Our rails easily fit into all standard central heating systems without any complicated installation.

Traditional Bathroom Radiator

The classic-style Traditional Towel Radiator – Crown is perfect for bathrooms or cloakrooms of all shapes and sizes. It will particularly suit a compact room. The designer towel rail is part of the leading range of traditional towel rails from Kartell. This striking floor-standing radiator awards you with both a chrome towel rail and a white vertical column radiator.

If you need advice about heated towel rails, please contact a member of our friendly, expert team on 01522 620190 or email us here.

The best heated towel rails – Lincolnshire Radiators Direct

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