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Monday 05 July 2021

horizontal black radiator in home

People often look at radiators as a home essential which have no aesthetic purposes for their home, when in fact your radiators are huge pieces of metal on one wall of every room, it’s pretty important that they look nice and flow with the rest of your home. Versatile and decorative, the right radiators will capture attention.

You may have had the same radiators since you moved into that house or you’re just looking for a new, fresh feeling in each room. Lincolnshire Radiators have put together a style guide for you, all of our designer radiators can be purchased vertical or horizontal. 

Flat Panel Horizontal

Vertical radiators are a popular addition to many homes thanks to the fact that, well, they look pretty great. The flat panel radiator is a step up from your usual white convector radiators. The manufacturing process of this radiator leaves it with an extra modern and smooth finish, the perfect modern spruce up for any home. Available in anthracite, white and black. Sizing and further information can be found here. 

Flat panel vertical radiators usually consist of a large thin container which fills with hot water, while a double-panel is two of these containers back to back. These are ultra-modern and look great if your home has a more minimalist design.

Oval Panel Horizontal

These radiators hold a unique feature which is the oval panelling of the front and back. They are the perfect go-to choice with those rooms which don’t lack in space, due to the Oval design they are slightly more stand-out ish than than other radiators. These radiators can be used on all UK heating systems (tank fed or sealed systems etc,). Find more information or shop online here.

Column Radiator

Our range of column radiators are the most traditional looking, with long tubes connecting at the top and bottom. These often look a little larger than the other selection so match these with a more conventionally styled home for the perfect aesthetic fit. They are ideal for larger spaces with high ceilings as they produce a lot more heat than some of the other radiator options, due to their large surface area. Shop all of our styles online here.

Towel Radiators

Never underestimate the luxury of a towel radiator, they are suitable for not only heating a room but also keeping your towels warm and fluffy. Our flat panel towel radiators start from an affordable £58. 

Not found something you like the look of? You can shop our full range of radiators over on our shop page or feel free to contact us!

Find the perfect radiator for your home with our designed radiators

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