Designer Radiators: Find Yours This Black Friday

Wednesday 13 September 2023

black friday radiators

Friday 24th November, is a day etched into our minds. Not because it’s National Sardine Day… unless you really like fish, but because it’s Black Friday 2023! Just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday is a day to enjoy amazing offers online and in-store from big and small businesses alike. It’s renowned as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, just ahead of Cyber Monday. Originally coming from the United States this discount shopping day has gained popularity in the UK starting back in 2010.

Whilst you’re filling your baskets with Black Friday deals and interior design goodies to adorn your stunning home, take a moment to think about your radiators. 

Are they tired and worn out, paint chipping and have maybe seen better days? Do you have doubts about their energy efficiency and if they’re going to keep your house feeling cosy and warm in the upcoming winter months? 

It has been reported that we can expect an especially cold winter in 2023 with the chances of snowfall. With the unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, you want to ensure everything is in full working order. 

That’s where our experts at Lincolnshire Radiators Direct come in. We have a range of stylish, high-quality designer radiators, designed to suit all aesthetics. 

Don’t let the word designer send you into a money-worrying frenzy, all our products at Lincs Rads are priced to ensure affordability for a range of budgets. 

Our radiators come in vertical or horizontal designs, in a range of colours such as anthracite, matt black, chrome, and white. 

How to style our radiators: 

Anthracite: These radiators are a dark chalky grey, close to black but not quite. Anthracite is known as one of the darkest shades of grey. These radiators look perfect against lighter shades of grey, wood panelling in dusty pink and abstract art. 

Matt black: Black radiators are perfect if you’re looking to create a focal point in your home. They look striking and sophisticated against ‘brilliant white’ walls. Opt for black throws and cushions on light sofas to seamlessly incorporate the radiator into your current decor. 

Chrome: Futuristic, fun, and daring. Chrome radiators scream ‘My home is stylish and I know it’. Chrome looks amazing paired with bold bright colours such as pink, orange, and electric blue. Adorn walls with funky prints, floors with abstract rugs, and windows with uniquely tasteful curtains. 

White: Traditionally radiators are white and you can’t knock a fresh white radiator. They suit every aesthetic, seamlessly blend into any room, and never go out of style. They’re the ideal choice if your home needs new radiators in every room but due to budget you need to do a couple of rooms at a time. 

Not that your radiators need to match in every room, but if that’s the look you’re going for white is the ideal option. We could give you a styling suggestion but honestly, our range of white radiators will go with any interior. 

Here are four of our favourite radiators to give you some home inspiration:

This quality guaranteed Anthracite Horizontal Flat Panel Radiator is perfect for a modern kitchen or dining room. If your home is open plan this would make the ideal feature between your kitchen and dining room. 

Whilst it would look amazing in a modern home or barn conversion this contemporary radiator is designed to suit a range of interiors. It’s been tested under high hydraulic pressure to ensure impermeability. A radiator that’s built to last the test of time, manufactured with 1.5 thick mild steel. 

A vertical radiator is always going to make a great focal point in any room. This Black Vertical Oval Panel Radiator is the perfect statement piece. Vertical radiators are great for larger rooms as the increased surface area ensures the room is heated faster. 

The bold black shade makes this piece stand out and pop against almost all wall colours. Styled with the right decor and accessories this radiator would be the perfect addition to a large island kitchen. Ideal for keeping guests warm when entertaining during the colder months. 

Small but mighty! This Chrome Horizontal Panel Radiator is also available in larger sizes. However, we wanted to show the 600x408mm size.

This affordable, stylish, and ultra-modern radiator is ideal for bathrooms. The reflective qualities of chrome are perfect for smaller spaces. 

It’s also well known that small spaces such as bathrooms can heat up quickly meaning you only require a small heat source. So, if you haven’t opted for one of our popular towel radiators due to space, this could be the perfect fit. 

Our vertical radiators come with the option of oval or flat panel. We personally think that the flat panel option lends itself to more modern interior designs, whereas the oval panel option suits interiors with a more traditional twist. 

This White Vertical Flat Panel Radiator is designed to suit all decor meaning you don’t have to design your room around your new radiator. Its fresh white colour, flat panels and vertical design will ensure it’s the envy of all who come to visit. 

For more information on our range of designer radiators, and other radiator collections check out our website or contact one of our friendly radiator experts on 01522 620190. 

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