Choosing Column Radiators: Your Guide to Efficient Heating

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Have you ever experienced a chill slowly infiltrating your home, finding its way through walls and leaving your toes feeling cold? If you’re nodding in agreement, it’s time to discuss column radiators. But why choose them, you might wonder?

The answer is straightforward yet compelling. Column radiators are more than just a source of warmth – they bring a touch of elegance to any room, blending vintage charm with modern efficiency.

You might think choosing one to be straightforward – but there’s so much more to these humble heat providers. With various designs like traditional column and vertical column radiators, to colours ranging from white to anthracite black, the choice can leave anyone feeling frosty.

So why not stick around for our cosy chat on how to pick the perfect heating solution that complements your interior design while maximising energy efficiency? Trust me, by the end of this you’ll have a clear idea about choosing a heating system that suits your style and saves on energy too.

Understanding column radiators

Column radiators are a popular choice for heating homes with traditional layouts, thanks to their attractive appearance and modern design features. 

Their popularity among traditional home layouts is not just down to their aesthetic appeal but also due to the outstanding innovation and ergonomics they bring.

You may ask, what are column radiators? Simply put, these appliances comprise vertical or horizontal columns through which hot water circulates. The heat from this water then warms up the air around each radiator surface area.

Types of column radiators

The market boasts an array of different types of column radiators designed for various settings and preferences. This selection encompasses both classic column radiators and their modern counterparts, each featuring unique attributes to meet a wide range of customer preferences and requirements.

Aesthetically too, you’re spoilt for choice with white, black or anthracite options adding a modern look to your décor while simultaneously ensuring efficient heating distribution throughout your living space.

Energy efficiency in detail

To answer another common question, ‘How do column radiators distribute heat?’, we first need to look at how energy efficiency works within these units.

Radiator efficiency depends heavily on factors such as size, insulation and control mechanisms, along with careful consideration given towards BTU output (British Thermal Units).

This measures how quickly a radiator can heat your room. Therefore, to ensure maximum energy efficiency, one needs a column radiator that is adequately sized for the space it’s intended to warm.

For instance, vertical column radiators are an excellent fit for rooms with high ceilings. The larger surface area helps emit more warmth upwards which then disperses across the room creating a convection current and effectively heating taller spaces.

Picking the right size not only ensures your room stays toast but also helps save on energy bills.

Exploring different designs and colours

As you consider enhancing your space with a column radiator, it’s essential to understand the variety of designs and colours available. From traditional styles like the Traditional Column Radiator Design to contemporary alternatives, there’s something for every aesthetic.

When considering colour choices, it’s worth noting that column radiators are not just limited to white anymore. Anthracite and black have become increasingly popular options as they can add an element of sophistication or contrast in any room setting. For instance, an anthracite column radiator creates a striking visual effect against lighter walls while adding warmth.

Selecting a suitable column radiator

When it comes to picking the perfect column radiator, there’s more than just aesthetics at play. You need to consider factors such as BTU output, heat requirements, sizing and placement.

The right selection can dramatically enhance your heating efficiency while adding an elegant touch to your home décor. So, what should you take into account when selecting a column radiator?

Our contemporary Column Radiator Horizontal – Anthracite suits all interior designs and is compatible with all UK heating systems. It has undergone rigorous testing under high hydraulic pressure to ensure it is leak-proof and is designed to endure, with a manufacturer-backed 15-year guarantee.

Column Radiator Vertical – White is great for large rooms with high ceilings. This contemporary style lends itself to both traditional and modern homes. It is supplied with wall brackets, wall plugs, blank and bleed plug.

Column Radiator Vertical – Black is the ideal modern piece for your contemporary home. This radiator looks great in a kitchen with white and chrome accessories. This elegant-looking radiator comes with a manufacturer-backed 15-year guarantee.

Finding the right size and heat output

Your ideal radiator size depends heavily on room dimensions and insulation levels – including the type/size of windows or whether any walls are external or internal. If we’re talking about central heating systems, bigger isn’t always better – too large could mean unnecessary energy expenditure.

Based on these parameters, use the Lincolnshire Radiators Direct BTU calculator to help determine what radiator size you need.

Radiator placement: a crucial decision

The location where you install your radiator can greatly affect its performance and heat distribution. Consider rooms with larger ceilings or spaces that need more warmth.

Vertical column radiators, especially those equipped with feet, are a perfect fit for such areas as they offer effective heating for taller spaces. It’s worth considering this when selecting suitable column radiators.

Maintenance and care

Radiators require regular maintenance to ensure optimal functioning and lifespan extension. Look out for any signs of corrosion or seepage – taking prompt action can help you avoid expensive repairs down the line.

Choosing the right column radiator is more than just aesthetics. You need to consider BTU output, your heating requirements, its size and where it will fit in your home. 

Lincolnshire Radiators Direct: your column radiator destination

If you’re on the hunt for top-notch column radiators, look no further than Lincolnshire Radiators Direct. Our extensive range caters to different aesthetic and heating needs. So whether it’s a modern or traditional design you need, we’ve got your back.

The versatility of our product categories means you can find just about any style or size of radiator that suits your needs best. Whether it be anthracite column radiators with their sleek contemporary vibe or classic white ones offering a vintage feel – we have them all.

You don’t want to compromise heat output for aesthetics? Don’t worry. Each radiator in our wide range is designed not only for high performance but also energy efficiency. They provide excellent heat distribution thanks to their larger surface area which makes sure every corner of your room gets its fair share of warmth.

A quality range includes customisation options

No two homes are the same so why should their heating solutions be? At Lincolnshire Radiators Direct, we believe in providing products tailored specifically for individual requirements and tastes.

We stock everything from chrome radiators giving that chic industrial touch to black designs perfect if you prefer something edgier.

Furthermore, along with great variety comes superior quality as well – each unit produced undergoes stringent checks ensuring longevity and efficient heating. 

Why choose Lincolnshire Radiators Direct?

At Lincolnshire Radiators Direct, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality service and products.

If you’re on the lookout for high-quality column radiators, you’re in the right place. Our extensive range of modern designs and our fantastic offers means there is something to suit all aesthetics and budgets. 

We also know that picking a radiator is about more than just looks. We can ensure great heat output and energy efficiency too. If it’s tailored solutions you’re after, rest assured that our team is on hand to provide you with expert advice and guidance. 

Lincolnshire Radiators Direct offering

If you’re in the market for more than just a column radiator, look no further than Lincolnshire Radiators. Our extensive range is full of must-have radiators and accessories. However, one of our favourites in our designer radiators range is the Flat Panel Horizontal in Anthracite

Whether your home boasts a vintage vibe or leans towards modern minimalism, you’ll find a perfect match with Lincolnshire Radiators’ offerings.

Flat Panel Horizontal Radiator – Anthracite

The Flat Panel Horizontal Radiator in Anthracite is worth exploring if modern elegance resonates with your style preferences. This radiator is available in 2 and 3-column designs, each exuding charm paired seamlessly with contemporary efficiency.

The design is so versatile that it fits perfectly into both traditional settings and modern spaces. This flexibility gives you plenty of options when deciding where to place them within your rooms.

Crafted from top-quality materials, this radiator not only delivers efficient heating but also guarantees long-lasting durability. After all, nobody wants to frequently replace their radiator.

Apart from being a highly functional device keeping our homes warm during chilly days or nights – what really sets this radiator apart is how effortlessly stylish it can be too, thanks largely to the high levels of craftsmanship involved in creating such a beautiful piece.

Enhancing home heating with column radiator placement

The art of heating your home isn’t just about choosing the right column radiator, but also placing it in the best location. Strategic placement can make a significant difference to both heat distribution and energy efficiency.

A common place to position radiators is below windows. This might seem counterintuitive at first glance. However, this placement helps to combat draughts and condensation on glass by producing a curtain of warm air that rises up against cold currents coming from windows.

Lincolnshire Radiators Direct offers an array of high-quality vertical column radiators designed specifically for such placements.

The problem with curtains

Curtains play a crucial role in interior design. However, they can be problematic when placed over heaters. If you have long curtains hanging down covering your column radiator, think again.

Draping them over radiators obstructs heat distribution around the room and poses potential fire hazards due to overheating materials. So always ensure there’s enough clearance between your window treatments and heater units – safety first.

Making the most of your space with vertical column radiator designs

If you’re contending with limited space or the high ceilings often found in older homes, vertical column radiators present an ideal heating solution that doesn’t encroach on precious floor space. Combining traditional charm and practicality, these radiators are designed to efficiently warm even spacious rooms.

Vertical column radiators are renowned for their superior performance, thanks to their expanded surface area, facilitating enhanced heat transfer.

The trick is finding what works best for your space – remember every room has its own unique characteristics that influence how well it heats.

For tight spaces, you need to think creatively. Use vertical radiators or those specifically designed for corners. It’s not just about keeping warm; it’s also about using your space efficiently and safely.

Maintaining an optimal temperature with column radiator appliances

Regularly bleed your radiators – this will reduce hot spots and ensure your radiators distribute heat evenly. You may also wish to keep your heating on a stable temperature rather than continuously moving it up and down, this can help your home to be more energy efficient.

FAQs in relation to column radiators

Are column radiators any good?
Absolutely, column radiators offer excellent heat output and efficiency. They’re a top pick for both traditional and modern homes due to their versatility in design.

What is a column radiator?
A column radiator is a type of heater with vertical or horizontal tubes arranged in rows (columns). It’s known for its high heat output, energy efficiency and stylish look.

Are column radiators worth the money?
Definitely. Column radiators provide efficient heating while adding aesthetic value to your space. The initial cost is offset by long-term savings on energy bills.

Are vertical column radiators efficient?
Yes, indeed. Vertical column radiators distribute heat evenly across tall spaces making them highly effective for rooms with higher ceilings or limited wall space.

Explore the highest quality Column Radiators to add an abundance heat into your home.

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