Can you move a radiator safely?

Thursday 16 February 2023

The short answer is, yes! You’ll be pleased to know it’s a relatively easy job if you follow the simple instructions below and remain patient. You may need to ask a friend to help you with some aspects of the removal. 

Whether you’re wanting to remove your radiator to fit a new one or relocate it to a different area of the room the removal remains the same.

Do note that if you’re wanting to remove more than a couple of radiators at one time it is recommended to get a professional involved. Removing more than one or two radiators can cause the pressure to rise too high, putting the system under significant stress which may cause long-term damage.

When you’re only changing one radiator you can change the valve without having to fully drain the system. This saves you time but also has other benefits too. The water that’s stored in your central heating system has heating additives and inhibitors which help to protect the system when in use.

It’s important to remember the number of turns as they balance the radiator with the rest of the house. 

If you’re unsure how to do this our blog How to bleed a radiator: step-by-step walkthrough can help. 

Residual water can be common, it can be sludge-like and have an unpleasant smell if you haven’t bled your radiators in a while, so use towels you don’t mind getting dirty. 

If you’ve managed the finicky aspects of the job yourself, this is the part where you may need some assistance. Radiators especially cast iron ones can be heavy and tricky to maneuver alone. 

If you’re wanting to relocate your radiator you’ll need a licensed plumber to sort the pipework out for you. For any more information don’t hesitate to get in touch, alternatively, you can browse our range of towel radiators, designer radiators, column radiators, and valves

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